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Warren PA
Rimrock Cliff
Photo copyright 2006 Jim Bernatowicz
Welcome to the river watershed
region that the Senecas call
Oh-hi-yo, the Delawares called
Welhik-heny and the French
called Belle Riviere. All three
names mean the same:
Beautiful River.
Oh-hi-yo became The Ohio
River (of which the Allegheny
River is a main tributary) and
Welhik-heny became The
Allegheny River in its English
pronunciation and spelling. The
term Belle Riviere became a
relic of history and visitors can
still see it on a reproduction of a
lead plate buried by Celeron in
Warren, Pennsylvania, located
located in
Crescent Park in
downtown Warren. The
Senecas still call it Oh-hi-yo
where they live on the northern
shores of the river in
Salamanca, NY.
Allegheny National Forest at Rimrock
An Allegheny Almanac
Hiking the Allegheny
National Forest
makes me do the whole site over again. I'm not kidding.
Nature has an infinite palette from which to paint, it seems,
and many
lessons to offer, perhaps. It's a different show
each day whether we recognize it or not. Come back again
so you won't miss anything.
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