View of Kinzua Dam from Jakes Rocks in northwestern Pennsylvania
Kinzua Dam    to get a quick tour just click on each photo        getting out to Jake's Rocks
Glaciers, seas, and trilobites. View from Jakes Rocks showing the Kinzua Dam, Kinzua Lake, and
Allegheny River at Big Bend. You have to get out of the car and walk around a little to see this. If you are
real observant you might catch it as you exit the parking lot at Jakes Rocks. Although these hills definitely
look like mountains, they really aren't. This is called The Allegheny Plateau, which was made pretty much
impenetrable to colonial settlers after the watershed carved out all the steep valleys.  This northern
section was covered by glaciers, which explains why you see huge rocks, some of them geometric, just
lying around--that's where the retreating ice left them. Before that, in geologic time, this area was
completely covered by water. It's not unusual to find a prefectly preserved fossil of a trilobite or sea shell
here, some of them a million years old or something ridiculous like that. Notice how no one hill stands
out taller than another and you can begin to visualize a plateau here instead of mountains. Sort of a
geological optical illusion. Click on the photo to see how a growing nation tried to open up this area.
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