Kinzua Lake is the largest inland lake in the state of Pennsylvania
Tip of the day: using hemostats to remove fish hooks
Place fish on flat surface and hold firmly with a cloth for better gripping. Open hemostats tool (unlock it) and insert into fish's mouth as
close to the barb as possible and clamp and lock hemostats on it. The better the positioning of the tip of the hemostats the easier it will
be to extract the hook. This will give you a perfect hold on the hook.
Make sure you have an excellent view of the hook so you can see exactly where it is caught. Gently push hook in the direction of the tip
of the curved hook until barb comes free of the fish. You may need to slightly rotate the hook to free it. Try to avoid yanking it.
This technique will cause the least amount of harm to your fish and prevent injury to you from the hook or fish teeth.
If you order hemostats from the links below we will get a very small commission. Thanks!
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