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...as a teen, he lived two summers in the Allegheny
National Forest working as a counselor for
Cornplanter, the first national summer camp for
children and adults with learning disabilities.
A 1973 graduate of Warren Area High School, Dr.
Lareau earned a doctorate in osteopathic medicine
from the New York Institute of Technology after
graduating from Boston College. He has worked as
a radiology resident, a family practice resident, and
as a primary care provider in the Adirondacks.

My grandfather was a lumberjack and a great uncle was a
professional moonshiner. This does not explain why I am a
blogger, but maybe it helps.

You can contact Chris at admin@ theallegheny.com
Today is
Chris Lareau,
(photo by Joe Lareau)
Pennsyltucky Update
a local news blog from the Pennsylvania North Country in Warren, Pennsylvania, where industry and nature thrive side by side
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Kinzua Lake
Over the years, Chris Lareau's  reporting and
photos have appeared in numerous
newspapers in Massachusetts,
Pennsylvania, and Florida. He originally
came to Warren in 1967 after living in
southern Ohio and in Kentucky...