a view from Point Park on the
Allegheny River
. View of the new
Hickory Street Bridge from Point
Park in the city of Warren,
Pennsylvania. Point Park is located
at the confluence of the Allegheny
River and the Conewango Creek,
which flows from Chautauqua Lake
in New York state. The city of Warren
comes into full view once you get
around the riffles here.Click on the
bridge to go around the bend and
see downtown Warren..
This is a great spot to take a canoe
break, now that you have gotten past
the refinery which is pretty much the
only spot where things can get hairy
because they used to dredge the
river there and some of the water is
pretty darn deep. Not here,
though--your canoe will probably
scrape bottom and you might have
to do a little portage. Watch out for
the pipe that goes across the river
Some people don't like refineries,
but we used to cavort down there
every summer--believe it or not that
was our playground last century. We
enjoyed looking at the 1930s fire
trucks on hand, watching the
refinery works, and even smelling
the oil. Go figure. We'd go next door
to the junkyard, pick out some huge
tractor innertubes, then patch them
up and float down the river, which is
full of islands and all kinds of
wildlife. Turn over a rock here and
you'll find a crawdaddy.
In the Conewango Creek looking toward the Allegheny River at Point View
from Point Park in Warren, Pennsylvania. For best results, paddle
upstream into the Conewango a bit, then come downstream into the river.
Approaching downtown Warren, PA on the Allegheny River
click on photo to head
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Warren PA
Hickory Street Bridge over the Allegheny River
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