Beginning at the base of Kinzua Dam and ending at the boat access in Tionesta, this popular canoeing route
passes through beautiful rural landscapes and a large number of islands. 24 public islands here are part of the
Allegheny National Forest, including seven federally designated Wilderness Islands. 60 islands on this route are
under other ownership. All of the public islands are open for camping and recreation.
Lunch on an Allegheny River wilderness island
Photo and text courtesy of Joe's 4WD Pages. Copyright 2006
Camping the Allegheny Wilderness Islands
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An Allegheny Almanac
Allegheny River Wilderness Islands

Saturday's 12+ mile journey was very smooth and required almost no canoe-hiking (for
most of us, anyway). The river was calm and water level varied from 8" to maybe 4-5',
so we made great progress in a relatively short period. For me, the length and time
worked out perfectly - no rushes, no worries, yet plenty of progress.

Robin treated us to dinner of salad and couscous with feta, and we also enjoyed bread
and pumpkin squares. Saturday night around the fire, we made a few s'mores, burnt
some marshmallows, and watched Colleen masterfully melt Hershey bars while
enlightening us on the virtues of chocolate and keeping us laughing uproariously with
her stories and wisdom."