Allegheny River Wilderness Islands
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Allegheny River Wilderness Islands
Friday 10/4 finally came and we headed out to Buckaloons Recreation Area, not far from Warren, PA. This stretch of the Allegheny
offers a nice mix of undeveloped forested hills rolling down to the river, houses of all scale, and what I affectionately refer to as
Upper Appalachia. Over the course of our trip, we must have encountered 20 islands in the river as well. With Liz's expert guidance,
we also spotted numerous eagles, hawks, osprey, and on Sunday we drifted past a Great Blue Heron who seemed to be hunting on
the shore of an island.

The Cleveland Metroparks
Institute of the Great Outdoors (IGO) hosts numerous classes, activities, and adventures throughout the
year. After enjoying some classes through IGO, I apprehensively decided to sign up for this Allegheny River trip - my first overnight
canoe-camp trip.The caravan ride out seemed quick and was uneventful, and we arrived after 6PM. Of course, the remains of a
hurricane were forecasted to blow through the area, and after a dinner of Randy's "After eating this, Castaneda gave up peyote" Chili
and Mike's hamburger buffet, we did get high winds and rain. Fortunately it wasn't that bad, especially when one doses up on
Tylenol PM (only per John's suggestion lol!).
We trimmed the canoes Saturday morning under overcast skies. The day started out with some sprinkles, gray skies, and light
winds as we made our way down the Allegheny.
A Paddler's Diary: Downstream from Warren, Pennsylvania
Eagles, hawks, osprey, and a Great Blue Heron
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