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Reg Darling is an accomplished
writer and artist who has lived in
Warren, Pennsylvania all his life,
before moving to Vermont in 2014.

He is the author of four books:
Coyote Soul, Raven Heart:
Meditations of a Hunter-
Wanderer, Hartwell Road, A Story
of One’s Own, and Boondock
Politics. He has published more
than sixty essays, reviews,
interviews, and poems in various
periodicals. In the early 1990s his
paintings were featured in over 70
exhibitions. He holds a Bachelor of
Science degree in General Studies
from Clarion University and a
Master of Arts degree in Studio
Art from Edinboro University. Reg
served as Regional Supervisor for
the Bureau of Financial Operations
for the state of Pennsylvania, from
which he retired in 2004.

In Warren, he lived along a creek
at the edge of town in Warren,
Pennsylvania with his wife Terry
and his cats, Milo, Midnight and

His memoir, Hartwell Road traces
a tumultuous coming of age in the
1960's and 1970's as the narrator
comes to terms with his
relationships to family, friends and
lovers with poignant settings in the
wilds of Western Pennsylvania that
influence his personal growth.

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Hartwell Road, please visit
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Reg Darling       the Allegheny National Forest
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Hartwell Road by Reg Darling
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