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Kinzua Dam, Warren PA, photo by Karen Clopp
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Warren PA
Recreational opportunities abound here at Kinzua Lake, the Allegheny
Reservoir, formed by the Kinzua Dam a half-century ago. Home to
record-setting fish catches it is the largest inland body of water in the
state of Pennsylvania. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers estimates
its size at 12,000 acres and depths of 50 to 100 feet.

This is where anglers come every September for the Pennsylvania
State Fishing Championship. Located in remote northwest
Pennsylvania, near Warren,  it is entirely surrounded by the Allegheny
National Forest, the Seneca Nation, and New York's Allegany State
Park. It also formed the Allegheny National Recreation Area by an act
of Congress in 1964. Enjoy our
beaches, hiking paths, marinas, and
scenic drives. Welcome!

It is estimated the Kinzua Lake area receives a million visits every
year from bikers, cyclists, hikers, anglers, boaters, campers, bird
watchers, photographers, and canoeists. The Kinzua Dam resulted in
the Allegheny National Recreation Area which contains
Pennsylvania's first wilderness lands. It is the site of the Allegheny
National Forest, headquartered in nearby
Warren PA.
Photo Copyright 2013 by Karen Gentilman Clopp.   
Click on photo to see pictures of Kinzua Dam under construction.

It was the federal government's largest project  at the time. It
created Kinzua Lake, the Allegheny Reservoir, transforming the
area into an outdoor enthusiast's haven and vacation land.
Photo guide to Pennsylvania's Kinzua Lake Region
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